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religions Answered

what is the strangest religion you have heard of and whats yours


I never really heard of any strange religions.I am catholic.

<Goes to find marshmallows to toast over flames>

I am surprised.  Almost one full month and no flaming.  Maybe it just needs a bump.

It's only been 3 days, but maybe people have just decided not to waste their time getting into pointless arguments about subjective topics?

One can hope, anyway.

Personally, I find all organized religions strange.  Why would you want to organize in mass to have one person tell you what to think and then take it for face value and not question any of it.  Not all religions are like that but most are.

Define "most."  How many of the worlds hundreds (thousands?) of religions have you studied in order to come to that conclusion?

I admit an exaggeration but my reference to "most" was referring to overall populations of those who follow organized religions.  Unfortunately my sentence was poorly written.  As for the numbers,
Christianity(1.5 billion is the lowest estimate),
Judaism(12 million is lowest),
Muslim(1.5 billion estimated),
Buddhism(600 million estimated). 
These total to about half the world population,  I would say this qualifies as a majority by population even though these are just a few of the worlds religions.  Of these religions, a common practice for all is to meet in groups with someone leading.  Buddhism follows this less as it promotes individual discovery but the practice is still there as there is usually someone guiding its followers.  This is what I was referring to.  Sorry for the confusion and thanks for calling me out on this as it is not what I meant.  Though I would like to know of a religion that doesn't follow this sort of structure because I cannot think of that many but as you said I have not studied all of them.

Thanks for clarifying that you meant "most religious people," and not "most religions."

Your criticism seems overly general to me.  You wrote originally, "Why would you want to organize in mass to have one person tell you what to think and then take it for face value and not question any of it[?]"  You then clarified this as, "A common practice for all is to meet in groups with someone leading."

So what that sounds like is that you are criticizing the small scale organization of people meeting in a group with someone leading the group.  I'm therefore going to assume that you've never worked for a private company before?  Never been in a classroom?  Your description is more or less how any organized activity works, at least on the surface.

I had thought you were critizing the "dogma" behind the major organized religions, rather than the local participation.  The former is definitely open to question by those of us who aren't members, but the latter seems to be a trivial social mechanism, rather than some bizarre conspiracy.

I am intentionally being general. I don't have room for a thesis here. As for the comment, "Your description is more or less how any organized activity works" this is true but a classroom or company isn't trying to sculpt what you fundamentally believe is right or wrong and you are expected to think about what is being said. When people are preached interpretations of morality, taught it comes from an omnipotent higher power and not to question it there is a good chance the result is people in utter denial of the world around them. They accept what they are told with such faith they refuse to hear anything contradictory despite evidence. I was once told that dinosaurs are a conspiracy in the scientific community because the world is only 6,000 years old and they couldn't have possibly existed millions of years ago. That is how you get holy wars, crusades, etc. If something contradicts "right" and cannot be denied then it has to be eradicated to make things right again. Even worse, a single person can take control and tweak "right". History has shown this happen repeatedly. This is why I have a problem with this structure being used in religion specifically. In other words, Organized Religion.

That looks pretty well like a rant thesis to me :-D

I agree completely with your analysis, though it is a bit extreme.  Congratulations on escaping the YECs!

I hear a "The end" there. Thanks for the conversation, was fun. -SCENE-

Nah, user started some other pointless random topics so probably this one was not for serious pointless discussion.  Might be worth a rant but seemingly pointless.

Probably not even worth a rant. "My deity can beat up your deity" is SO last century....

*tired of religious banter*

Howabout them mets?


That would be the one where they spend more time putting on body armour than they do actually on the field of play?

Sort of a version of rugby for people can't hack the proper game?

(Or is it the version of cricket where they have to run round and round, because they can't cope with passing each other in opposite directions?)

Precisely!  Which you all called baseball before changing the name to "rounders."

As I remember, it was the girls at school that played rounders and netball, while the boys played football and rugby.

The nearest thing to body armour was the occasional shin-pad shoved down your sock, and some of the hard-core rugby players wrapped a length of tape around their heads to stop their ears getting ripped off...

two of my favorites:

Java Crishna: you wake up every morning and suck down a steaming hot cup of coffee and immediately exclaim "Good GOD that's a great cup of coffee"


Amphibitarianism: every morning when you wake up you swallow a live toad head first, because there's no way anything worse could ever happen to you for the rest of the day.

i'm a pastafarian