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removing printed ink from an id card Answered

hi my student id is a printed plastic photo id card as i am graduating this year it is about to expire is thee away to remove any of the information on the card like the an expiration date?


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i was able to remove the name on my printed laminate ID. how do i add a name with printed text on it

Use nail varnish remover with a cotton bud, ensure you have dry tissue to wip off as to much damage shows but this burns through laminate and will do thermal printed cards..

Note: Use quality stuff

works a charm i still go to all the student nights with my ID as removed date and printed over again.

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A dull scalpel blade if its thermo printed, other wise alcohol as others have suggested. Finally, if your planning to commit this act of fraud, why not scan it in and make a new one, then you can update the date easily.

I don't have a printer for printing new ones and it would be easier to remove the date as the conveniently put it in one corner like they want me to remove it. as for the alcohol does it have to be 100% and does it have to be ethanol with methanol do?

ID cards in my college are thermally printed, If it is ink you could just use some alcohol to remove what you wish.

Applied with the tip of a cotton bud.