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repair to a worn out dewalt dw613---C type 1 router? Answered

I need help to my router it started to make a terrible noise,so turn it off and check the brushes and they are fine.Then I try turning the router cutter on the machine by hand it does not turn freely it seems to be catching some thing in the machine.How do you take the main body off the router,I removed 4 long bolts it swivels but does not come of the machine I need to see whats at fault can anyone help ??????

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orksecurityBest Answer (author)2009-10-11

"Terrible noise" sounds like you may have worn out a bearing. How old is this beast?

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t0xe (author)2017-02-01

Hello, did you get to the bottom of this?
I recently came across the same router that had been unused for some time. It had trouble working so I took it apart and cleaned all the gunk.
After reassembly it is doing a weird sound and irregular running so I was hoping you found a solution for your case you were willing to share?
Thank you

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