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repairing broken sennheiser over ear headphones Answered

my sennheiser over ear headphones have seemt o stop working, the right side still produces sound but the left side does not. any help would be great. Thanks!



Best Answer 7 years ago

1. Plug your headphones into multiple sources to make sure they're what's at fault. Also, check the cable for any obvious signs of damage, like any sections that are frayed, bend, squished, etc.

2. Measure the resistance between ground (the largest of the conductors, closest to the body of the plug) and the two channels. Each should measure about 32 ohms, or whatever the impedance of the headphones is. If a channel measures "open," then you've got a broken wire somewhere. If it's shorted, then you've got a short.

3. If the plug can be disassembled (nicer ones can), then take apart the plug and look for broken wires. Fix if you find them.

4. If the plug is molded plastic, it will have to be cut off and replaced with a new plug. Now's your chance to replace it with a 1/4" OR a 1/8" jack!

5. If that doesn't work, then the next likely place for the wire to break is where it enters the headphones. You'll have to disassemble the headphones, and re-wire there. This will end up shortening the cable a bit, but there's not much else you can do! Again, keep measuring with a multimeter to check for resistance. While the headphones are cracked open also check the soldering between the wire and the drivers.

Hope that helps!


I also have an Sennheiser wireless headphones broken, same left ear not working. I have found the speaker itself open (resistance) and the right one is ok around 22 ohms. I have hard time to find a replacement the marking on the speaker is 00415 SB24Ohm, The size is about 1"1/4. Thanks!

Can you make the left work by wiggling the jack ?

Headphones usually break their wire at the PLUG end, not the headphone end. Since the plug is usually a molded encased plug on most headphones, you must purchase a new plug at radio shack. Get out your soldering iron and solder on the new plug. If it works now... you fixed it. If it doesnt, now you must get into the HEADPHONE portion and check each speaker first. Just use any small flashlight battery and a couple wires. Each speaker should make a "clicking" sound when the battery is touched on&off the speaker terminals. If the speakers are working, then it is the wiring that is bad. Replace it. If one speaker makes NO SOUND, then it is bad. Either replace the speaker or just buy new headphones.