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replace or fix power cord for toshiba laptop? Answered

I have a Toshiba laptop that is only 1 year old and the power cord just simply stopped working after it fell to the floor from off the table. (adapter not the laptop). There aren't any breaks or tears in the cord. Do I need to replace it and is it okay to replace with a compatible power adapter I found on prontocharger.com for half the price that Toshiba's asking? Is it possible to fix the cord?


same thing happened to my toshiba once i replaced the cord it worked

a little while ago i encountered the same problem with my toshiba satellite. It turned out that these models "toshiba satellite" was weak in the section where the powercord goes in, and I was told that it would be easier to buy a new laptop than to fix this one. hope this helps.

try ebay, it's probably even cheaper (if you don't mind waiting 10 days for shipping)


8 years ago

As long as the voltage, amp hours and plug  polarity  are the same, it should work fine.