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restoring ovalia egg chair Answered

i am trying to restore an original thor larsen ovalia egg chair for my game room.  i have stripped out all of the old worn out fabric from the interior down to the bare rough fiberglass.  i'm trying to adhere fabric to this rough fiberglass using spray adhesives with little success so far.  i have tried using 3m super 77 adhesive and also misty foam and fabric adhesive.  my test piece of fabric pulled off easily after letting the adhesive set up for over 24 hours.  i'm wondering if anyone has some ideas on this process of adhering fabric to fiberglass that i may be missing.  i've looked for info on restoring a piece like this one and have come up short so far.  so any info or ideas of things to try would be welcome.


Did the original just have flat fabric glued on?
Because you could most likely use a bunch of upholstery foam sheets cut into triangular shapes (like an ancient arch bridge). That would mean they'll hold themselves in the egg. You could also use velcro in the egg to hold the panels in place.

My guess is that you've got too much residue from the old glue still inside the egg, so you'll need to do some serious cleanup before any new glue will actually adhere to it.

Have you tried headliner adhesive? Like for refinishing car headliners? you can get it at autozone and there is a 3M version. Also, maybe marine products, many things auto autozone for working with fiberglass.

How was the original lining-attached?
I'm lost as to how you shape fabric to fit that space - I'd be interested to know.


looks like the fabric was originally glued in with some high powered adhesive. that's why i was hoping the spray adhesive would work. i need it to hold well and not fall in like the headlining in an old car. i'm imagining shaping the fabric in two panels with a center seam and just overlapping the edge and then trimming to fit. can't really figure how to precut the fabric in the curved shape of the chair.

Try "contact adhesive", I wouldn't know better but the fabric panels should stay due the the shape of the space anyway.


well, the 3m super 77 is a spray contact adhesive. it stuck, sort of, but it peeled off pretty easily which makes me think that it wouldn't be long before parts would be drooping

Maybe you need to use one of those contact cements like the ones for laminates that you have to pre-dry on both surfaces before sticking together. Did the fiberglass surface need to be sanded lightly to further prep the surface? Good luck.