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riddles 2 Answered

i am making this topic because my old riddle topic was to big and you couldnt find a riddle you liked unless you went between pages which is a waste of time.

so this is for anybody who likes riddles and wants to solve some or people who have heard riddles and cant answer them and are looking for an answer.

so please put riddles on and answer some.

have fun!!!!



8 years ago

I'm sometimes white,
Although sometimes I'm black.
I take you there,
But never bring you back.
What am I?

A hearse? (I live near a funeral service)


I've never seen a white one, but the only thing I can think of that transports you "one way only" is a hearse

That's correct, a hearse!

Oh, good answer, and yeah there are plenty of white hearses (my FIL is a funeral director.)


Ok, just none that I know of in my area.    My community is a bit traditionalist I guess :-)

I take it you've never shot an arrow into a tree with a lot of branches, then?    I have had at least 3 come sailing back at me in this instance.

Hmmm,  "take you somewhere"   or "point you somewhere"  ... Might be a bit of a stretch :-) 
How do you feel about the answer of Hearse?    It takes you there, but never brings you back :-) 

What is the beginning of the end, the start of eternity, located at the end of the universe?

i already did. and it was almost too simple but super creative.

I have a riddle from a movie about a bank robbery.

Which weighs more, the number of trains pass through Grand Central Station in a month, Or the number of trees cut down to make dollar bills in a year?

If you are from England or from a country other than America, you probably won't be able to figure it out unless you saw the movie...

What gets wetter and wetter the more it dries?

a towel or sponge, the one i heard was a towel but i believe a sponge may work too.

Ah yep (towels are normally used TO dry, while a sponge is "normally" used to clean while wet).