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robot that follows me? Answered

hi guys so my question is how can i build a robot that can follow me using my phone or anything else


i've only found robots that will follow line or object but i want a robot that can follow me

Do you know how a device actually follows a line ?

Don't you realize that, if you understood how a robot follows an object, then you could become that object.

Disney was great because he used something in his mind you are not and that is IMAGINATION !!

thank you for your reply but is there any others

That's what I found in a few seconds of searching for "follow me robot" and scrolling. You could do the same yourself, tweaking your search string to suit your needs.

Your robot has to be able to detect something on you to follow. Work that bit out and perhaps we can help.

I don't know..... Can U use a blue tooth ?. . . tell us what it is.

i can use my phone bluetooth and bluetooth module hc-05

When you use bluetooth without understanding, you limit your creative abilities and permit others to exploit the technology to your ultimate detriment.

1. What will you transmit?

2. How would the robot detect the signal? It will need at least 2 inputs (for BT antenna) one left and one right - You will need to be able to check each antenna in turn to see if it is receiving a signal. Turn that way if it isn't.

Not easy.

A light will be easiest, you can put photo electric transistors at the bottom of a tube a few inches long so they are less effected by ambient light.

Google or a search here should lead you to a robot that can follow a light.


2 years ago

Golf Bag robot ?

yes i want to build something like that

A very simple three wheel (two driven) following robot uses light and two photo cells

...............................BUT ,

it will not work outside because the sunlight will overwhelm photo cells.


You could wear a safe low energy radioactive source found in some home smoke alarms. The robot with two alpha detectors would drive the side opposite wheels would work very well. An added bonus would be the ability to maintain a respective distance by stopping when the particle count indicated the robot was closenough.


Radio would also work like a simple low cost version of early aircraft ADF antenna Automatic Direction Finder navigation.


An ultra-frquency sound tracking robot would work in bat free areas.


Lego is an exemplary engineering design tool and has simple programmable robotic smart kits for you.


thank you but do you know any other good tutorials

No I do not know of any good or bad tutorials just my engineering experience know how. Its rather off-putting to be dismissed by a newbie.

You need to choose a direction to get more detailed help.

Buy some small robot kits and get some experience.

Start learning about DC motors, PM motors, Induction motors, Hydraulic motors for a start.