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rootkits how to get rid of them. duplicate files dumbfounded over this whole mess any one that can give me some help???? Answered

I have no idea on how to get rid of duplicate files. I down loaded duplicate cleaner and have no Idea what to do, I read the instructions over and over and I am still dumb founded any one who would be kind enough to give some feed back on this would be great. one more thing rootkits omg ???????????? how to get rid of them any help would be a greatly greatly be appreciated okay every one take care great job you guys and gals are the best and thanks


The simplest and only guaranteed way to eliminate a rootkit is to completely reformat the hard drive and reinstall the operating system. There are a few problems with rootkits and removal tools. Primarily, rootkits do their dirty work by embedding themselves deep into the file system, making themselves invisible to the operating system. From there, they can launch whatever attack they wish at an elevated permission so they fly under the radar of the host computer. A removal tool cannot directly scan the file system, meaning it must trust whatever information the OS gives it. The computer is effectively "brainwashed", so it cannot be trusted to tell the removal tool that the file system is healed and intact. The second problem is in the vast number of free fix-it tools available on the web. Many times, my customers contracted viruses and rootkits by installing them. In the past few years, it has been more difficult to dispense malware through any means that doesn't immediately tip off a user that something is being installed; starting with Windows Vista, users have to grant permission to any installations or executable files. So, hackers have figured one of the best ways to get you to willingly install their malware is to disguise it as a free anti-malware tool. It is a big mistake to simply Google a free anti-virus; search engines can easily be tricked into giving you links to suspect software as a first choice, as search engines aren't so concerned with whether the software is malicious as whether it's popular and potentially relevant to your search terms. Even legitimate free anti-virus software is barely worth the price, as they are limited and do not offer the protection you need - that is bundled with their paid counterparts, and the free version is merely a teaser. Back everything up that you don't wish to lose. Reformat and reinstall your operating system, then install a reputable fully-featured anti-virus (make sure it has real-time protection that monitors your internet connection and stops infections before they have a chance to take root) and update it immediately. Then, scan your backup files before moving them to the computer. Preventative measures include, but are not limited to: don't use file sharing or torrents, as they are two ways to completely bypass your anti-virus. Don't download anything without considering carefully what it is, who it's from, and whether you can trust it (ask yourself - why would someone want you to install a toolbar on your computer just to use a Facebook feature. Doesn't make sense, does it?). If you install something, don't just click "Next" - look for check boxes that bundle unwanted toolbars, helpers, smileys, &c; any additional software you've never heard of is typically a bad sign. Keep your anti-virus up to date, and if it wants to scan, let it. If that slows you down too much, consider your computer specs - it might need more RAM (I've actually seen computers that contracted viruses because a lack of RAM caused the anti-virus to be temporarily disabled). Always let Windows update; if you read the descriptions for each update, they're almost always security patches. Also, always have a backup plan; most external hard drives on the market come with free backup software to automatically copy your files. This is by no means a comprehensive list, but it will help you stay safe. In the meantime, don't waste time trying to remove a rootkit - reformat now. It may seem like a lot of grief and effort, but you will rest knowing the threat is really gone.

thanks I will look into it and thanks for your time I know a lot of ppl look at these things and you took the effort to get back to me so thanks

Have you tried Ashisoft - Duplicate File Finder This software has all the features and step by step guide to find and delete duplicate files in minutes. FAST and EASY to use application i found so far.


hey thanks for your time and comments

Google for software that is designed to eleminate rootkits.  I doubt that anyone can manually get rid of them