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rudder pedals? Answered

What is the best way to make rudder pedals for flightgear with and arduino.
I want something like what on this page

or this page

If anyone has a good circuit diagram and code that would be helpful.


I took the mixture lever off of my ch products flight sim yoke, added a servo extension between the pot and the main board, and made my own rudder pedals from plywood. works well, and all I had to buy was a $1.50 servo extension and $3 of plywood.

back to my original suggestion - Use an existing USB joystick that has a rudder axis

Strip it out and remount the rudder pot on your pedals. Quick and easy and not all that expensive.

With open source software you can of course tap into the code but that required knowledge of programming - Do you have that skill?

Then all you need to do is follow the guide lines for flight gear

What flight sim are you running?

In many ways the best option is to buy a joy stick that has rudder control and then modify that to operate from a foot peddle. There are many options on the web for making the mechanics of rudders.

Personally I have not had much success with trying to access FSX directly .


Is pretty complete