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saltwater system for above ground pools Answered

What are the pros and cons of have a saltwater system for my above ground pool. I've been told the salt will corrode the sides and other metal components of the pool. Even had a retailer refuse to sell me a nice Hayward system. Any comments or validations?



3 years ago

does saltwater always produce chlorine, or is there another method to sanitize a pool and keep it clean during the year?

Many people like to make above ground pools in their houses because this does not occupy a lot of space. Sometimes water of the pools get cold and need to be heated. To heat the water there are many solar pool heater available in the market. I also have a swimming pool in my house and want to fix a pool heater in it, suggest me about good quality pool heater stores.

What's your reason for wanting a salt water pool?

It can corrode stone and metal, but wikipedia quotes the dosage of salt as a tenth of the salt content of sea water and that damage to pool fittings occurs due to incorrect dosage.

Alright, I couldn't figure out why this guy refused to sell a system to me when I told him I had an above ground pool. If the dosage is as Wikipedia says I don't see how it would corrode. I'm pretty sure most systems self regulate dosage. Wouldn't you agree?

No idea, perhaps he just doesn't like installing them or has had bad experiences with them.

You trying to reduce the chlorine in your pool then?

I've been in saltwater pools and the difference is amazing. In answer to your question, yes, I'm tired of all the chlorine, the smell, a mount of time spent messing with all the chems.

All pools take maintenance, just be sure you speak to plenty of people who have it before you spend lots of money on it, just because you don't have to dose as often doesn't mean you don't have to maintain it. There's still lots that can go wrong if you get complacent about it.