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sauerkraut jar Answered

I've seen jars for sale to make sauerkraut in b ut they are quite expensive (for little ol' fast food worker me, anyway). All they really look like are canning jars with a water or air lock of some kind stuck in the lid. anyone have any ideas of how i could make it myself? i need something like this instead of the traditional crock because of the odor. ~~Anna aka Thursday Next


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9 years ago

What if you ran a straw or tube through a rubber cork (or a regular cork, and sealed accordingly) and then had it form a "J" shape inside the container, with the top of the J going up to the cork. At the bottom of the J, fill it with a little water or other sanitary liquid. If you wanted to be extra cautious, you could add little cups at the top of each opening to catch any liquid that might spill out.