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scale model afrika korps ww2 german diorama? Answered

i just got a bunch of models for my birthday, all WW2, mostly German, afrika  korps. I'm going to use them in a big diorama, so i could use some help in the painting, and weathering. i got one set of ruins, so i as wondering if you could tell me how to weather them, and with what. they are mostly brick walls, and sandbags. i also got a little ambulance, a small autoblinda ab 43, and i was wondering what color to paint it. and i got 100plus troops, half german, half british, and i was wodering if there was simple colors to paint those. Also, they're all 72th scale, and the model shop that i go to, mostly sells tamiyas, which im also trying to only buy. thanks for any help.



Best Answer 7 years ago

On all the edges of the vehicles underpaint with silver or aluminium ,gun metal (rust colour in non desert) then overcoat with a desert colour.When overcoat is almost dry rub the edges to remove the overcoat so the metalic colour shows through the top coat. Let the under metal show through more on the areas where people step on or of the vehicle .this method works well to simulate weathering / wear and tear,also bending the edge of a fender/mudgaurd slightly (dont overdo it ).also adding accesories (logs,taurps,ropes) and bits of corrugated iron made from empty glue tubes etc.Cut helmets,pouches etc of one or two soldiers and add them on the vehicle.The art of the diorama is not to overdo it.

sorry if this is obvious, but i would look up how to dry brush. If done right you can make things look weathered. also, kind of like what afridave said you could just do a final drybrush of silver with very little paint so that only the sharpest edges catch paint.

For general dirt ,exhaust soot etc use very light coats of water paints in local areas (around exhaust pipes,wheel and bogy areas etc() and build it up gently layer by layer till you get the result you require.and again dont over do it.thats why you use multiple very light coats.

I haven't built a model since i was a kid, but a few years ago I came across some magazines called FineScale Modeler and Model Magazine International.

I was very impressed by the amount of effort the contributors put into the models they built when trying to be as realistic as possible. They would make their own parts, decals etc. or buy special more accurate add on kits to make their models 100% realistic.
But the thing that impressed me the most was when they built standard model kits without adding anything extra, and just used better construction/painting techniques and tricks to end up with a better finished product. They show numerous ways to reproduce weathered, rusted, muddy and battle damaged pieces.

www.finescale.com    www.tamiyamodelmagazine.com

A google search will probably reveal many more sites.

Awesome! I used to build WWII era Planes, but being a Veteran Tanker that studied "The Desert Fox" I do have some insight. Always choose flat paint, Ive used the walmart brand spray paint. Its cheaper and will work just fine for modeling, especially when you want an aged weathered look.

All German vehicles should be tan and shades of tan. Any other color, just over spray with tan to simulate sticky sand. If you can or see the need to, lightly sandblast the finished product to further weather them.
You can use sand from the hardware store, or add concrete coloring to premixed sheet-rock joint compound and it will look like real sand but will harden up.

Hope that gets you going!