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science fair project ideas? Answered

It cant be like book report and I want to do some thing really cool. Thanx?



If you go to Flatpoint High, you could make a superconductor out of soup cans. Or make a battery out of poo. Seriously, though, the best projects I did started with a common problem or question. Think of things that interest you, and facts you know about them, then take it a step farther by asking, "If we know that (blah) does (blah), then what would (blah-blah) do under these conditions?" Use the scientific method and form your experiment. Gather your data, then analyze it and determine the answer. Often hypotheses that are proven incorrect through proper research and experimentation can still be winning science fair material, provided you do everything correctly and explain yourself well.

You haven't stated your grade, and to be fair there are gazillions of cool projects. Perhaps the way to make your project stand out is to take something that is important now and that is also useful, BUT also to make the project to a standard that it looks like it could have come from a store. So, to put these ideas into action, I would think along the lines of recycling and renewables, and to make that do something that would be useful in an everyday situation. So you might have a tube about 6 inches diameter and about 12 inches deep - maybe 15 inches. You could put a potato/lemon operated digital clock near the top of the tube perhaps with a counter that it opertaed by a switch inside the tube that gets pressed every time someone puts an old plastic bag inside it. The idea of the tube is to allow you to recycle bags by inserting them in at the top and pulling them out of the bottom. When you put a bag in, it goes past a micro-switch which increases the counter to tell you how good you have been. Perhaps even with some sound effects like cheering or clapping to reward you. At all other times the tube serves to tell you the time, which is always useful in the kitchen. Finally you could paint the tube in trendy colours and logo's. If you can't paint, no worries, do your design on the pc and print it out and wrap the sheet round the tube. Join the ends of the sheet at the back of the tube if you can't get the design to flow seamlessly. So, bascially, do what captures your heart, but do it so that it is relevant to today and make it good enough to sell. Good luck, but most of all, enjoy it!

Simple - browse this site until something takes your fancy. There are hundreds of science-based projects that would be good for a science fair.