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scratches on a glass table top Answered

I have scratches on my glass table top (coffee table).  Some are quite noticeable, but most are normal wear and tear and only show when sunshine hits the table.  I there a way to restore the luster of the top?


I'd probably try to find a car wax with index of refraction similar to the glass, and hope that fills in the scratches enough to make them less noticable.

Failing that, I think you're looking at jeweler's rouge and other very fine abrasives and polishes, and a LOT of work... or getting a new glass top.

Jeweler's rouge should take care of anything that's not super-deep. If you use an electric buffer with a lamb's wool pad, it'll go pretty quickly.
For really bad scratches, I'd start with wet/dry sandpaper in increasingly fine grits (start with Fine, work up to ExtraSuperMicroFineRobotMonkeyTeamGo), then cerium oxide on a wet felt polishing bob, then the jeweler's rouge.


8 years ago

I use an automotive product called Rain-X Glass Treatment and Cleaner on my glass topped furniture. It does a pretty good job a hiding light scratches and dull spots on the glass.