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screen shot? Answered

when i press the F2 button nothing happens.i am playing minecraft the windows 10 edition.How do I take a screenshot?

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Penolopy BulnickBest Answer (author)2017-01-23

I can't test this out, but I have three suggestions. First, if you can find the controls option in your menu, see if it has the answer there.

If not, my second suggestion is to use the Windows game bar option which sounds like you just need to press Win + G.

Lastly, you can try just taking a screenshot. Sounds like there are multiple ways to do this with the easiest being to click PrtScn and then opening a program such as paint and pasting the image in there to save it. Or another easier option is to click Windows + PrtScn. This will save the screenshot to Screenshots in your Pictures library.

Hope that helps!

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