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sending sound over light? Answered

I have seen those thngs where you can send sound with a laser pen  i have an old sterio with a ir sensor and a laser pen i was wondering how i would go about making this thing  im not the best with eletrinics so need a dumbed down vertion lol      would the laser pen work with the or recever or would i need an ir bulb to


hey dude i checked out your question and found my own awnerer it uses 1 op amp 2 leds 2 resisters 2 batterys should i post a instructabel

The first problem you'll encounter is, in my opinion, the show stopper. The remote ir port is for on/off, volume, channel changing, etc. it wants to see a specific set of instructions, not audio via light modulation. Unless you alter it's mode of operation (which is highly unlikely), it will be useless for the task.

As for the laser, yeah, you can purchase a variety of IR lasers. The're quite common and are routinely used for communications work. However, they also can do damage to your eyes quite easily, especially since you can't actually see the beam.

it's good thinking though. keep the thoughts going.  FWIW, in case you're not aware, connecting audio devices using IR lasers has been pretty common for a number of years now, since it reduces noise, or said in the parlance of engineering, increases the signal-to-noise ratio.

That's no good, your IR receiver works by receiving IR, which lasers are purposefully stopped from emitting unless made badly or designed to work in the IR spectrum.

The related projects tell it all - you need to modulate the signal so it sends well through the laser and then convert it back in to sound when it arrives.

Have you looked for related 'ibles ? There have been several laser sound projects.

im not that cleaver with eletronics so i dont know what i need all i have is a laser pen and a recever for a remote from a sterio

Well look at the 'ibles, they tell you precisely what you need.