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shock of a 9volt battery Answered

Have you ever put a 9volt battery on your tongue? You will get a shock, or a charge on your tongue. How come if you put it on your finger or arm, you can not feel the same charge? How can I get that charge to be felt on your finger?


Thanks, awesome! I looked at radio shack.. would a 12v 2amp work or would it have to be 20volts to feel it?

Oh, and 2 amps would be quite a shock. Just remember, DC current gives a nice *ZAP*. AC current will give you a shaking sensation.

when i wax 7 years old i got shocked by a 6v batttery pack it dosent hurt i just shook alot

If you could make a Van de Graaff generator, you could generate (from a standard size one) a couple hundred thousand volts, though it would be at a very low amperage. And it would be a bit loud, if you didn't want you target/victim/guinea pig to know what was going on.

Have you actually zapped a guinea pig.....?

LOL! I think you misunderstood me; I meant guinea pig as in "lab rat", not the actual rodent (or whatever it is).

LOLz Oops, i did... and ya, they are rodents. Cuz that would be kinda cruel, actually zapping the rodent Poor hypothetical guinea pig being zapped T_T

LoL that was great... ;) "poor hypothetical guinea pig being zapped"


10 years ago

NOT LIABLE: Cut the output plug off a 9 Volts AC (not DC) wallwart and briefly touch the wires to a battery but don't plug it into an outlet. Is anything interesting "going on"?

That would really work, maybe for a split second, and even then

I'm pretty ignorant when it comes to electric. Do you mean a power pack, that can be bought at radio shack?

Not sure if it will work, but try wetting your finger before you put the 9V on it.

That's the obvious, and it doesn't work.

I think your tongue has a lower resistance because ti's saturated in saliva which acts as an electrolyte? Just a guess

hmm, then what battery can be used to start to feel the current when touched to the skin? Is it a specific amount of volts, amps?

why do you want to do this in the first place? You would need higher voltage to overcome the resistance

trying to create a game of some sort. the idea is to push a metal button[s] on the multiple choice. If you select the wrong answer, it will send a good shock. I wouldn't want anything to hard hitting. Like the shock pens. they just hit way too hard.

oh, why didn't you say so? Humans are generally grounded and all you need to do is create some high voltage at a very low amp.

Ok, how can i create that? Can you sum it up real quick here in text, or is there already an instructable i could view?