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should I get the vulcan nerf gun? read deatails plzz? Answered

Hi my mom and dad say the vulcan ebf is shit but is it



Best Answer 8 years ago

DONT!!! its not that powerful and you only get 25 rounds for it! the pump action nerf gun (cs-5) with a drum mag is way better! 35 rounds, accurate and powerful, you can also do quick fire on it!


7 years ago

i got the vulcan first and i tought it was wicked, until i got the radier cs 35. it can shoot 35 darts faster the the vulcan can shoot 25

thanks for the help and knex gun builder thanks for the sugestion

thanks for best answer! its a really good gun!

Have you seen that gun. I looked it up on YouTube and it looked amazing! Just the sight of it made me quiver.

It is the best Nerf gun I seen.I think...YES!