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should I post ramp and grind rail? Answered

should I make an instructable for a nice DIY bike ,skateboard, roller blades, ect. ramp and a simple sturdy skate board or roller blade grind rail?

1-3 are of the ramp obviously that i made quite recently.
4 is of the grind rail its like a year and a half old so its really beat up it was a lot better new ,and i figured out a better way to build it.

here is the ible so far tell me what ya think https://www.instructables.com/id/EHRS1JAFGB0X664/


are you soupposed to just ride on the rail?

how come the instructables doesnt show up on your main page?

Heck yeah! Some of my friends and I are making a couple of ramps this summer a big one, and if we use your idea then we could scale it up to make it bigger.

Yes, looks good, I was thinking of making a linear one, no curve for a specific purpose... I'm going to jump something in my street, only it may end in death... Also kiteman's law applies, thou shalt post, I'll dig out the link...

Well one involves about a twenty foot drop and the other is about 10feet edge to edge, with about a 30 foot run up, I might be able to get the speed, I cna get shifting pretty fast but...

I still don't understand what your talking about but who cares. All I know is your trying to jump some thing really big that you will probably die on.

basically there's a block of flats with a flat bit in between them, a gap and then the pavement, with a wall and a nice soft bank underneath, the other side is just a drop...

wow looks nice i especially like the rail!

only two feet! i have a flat ramp that goes 3 1/2 in. of the ground and i can get three feet of air.

without seriously bunny hopping and I never over estimate I all ways say a little less than I think it is.

Yes! Looks pretty nice. I suppose I could wait for the 'ible, but how did you curve the plywood? (I'm looking to make something for my RC car to jump. I bet my RC car could grind the rail, too!)

well it takes a lot of screws and a special technique of mine. leave it out in the rain all night on your patio or drive way and then wait for the sun to dry it and then you pick it up you will see that the back is damp that makes it possible to bend it.

yes, just do it already!


Need I say more?

yes you must say more. ok one vote for yes we need 10 votes to decide.

I just reviewing your pics and in looking at the last one....I thought for a moment you were going to add a handicap hand rail to it LOL then I realized where it actually goes :-)

Often one of the stumbling blocks to living a simpler life is our inability or unwillingness to change how we play some of the games that got us into these complicated lives in the first place. Elaine St. James in other words: what Kiteman said.....

I could vote 8 more times maybe :-) So, you are saying, if 7 more people want you to, instead of 8 more, because you are one short, you will deprive those 9 people and the rest of the world from your instructable?

well no if there are 6 votes then I build if there are 5 votes and 5 no votes I still might but if only 4 do then I most likely wont .