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Should i make a knex MGL-32 Answered

Should i make a knex MGL-32 idk im working on it right now but i think i might need to stop. Comments would be nice.=)


please post it i really want to build it

Can you tell me, good sir, when this thread was posted?

Can you tell me, good sir, if he actually cares?

Can you tell me, child, if that matters when there are more of us that do?

Yeah, as if calling me a "Child" hammers your point in even more.  And no it doesn't really matter, I was only joking with you.

Well I'm just getting tired of your "who cares?" comments. Not caring doesn't automatically fix anything. It's disrespectful and thus childish, and that's why I address you as such as long as you continue to have that attitude. Joking or not, I don't care if you don't care. Do what's best, not what you want.

i couldnt figure out how to make the round part so i stopped ;(


9 years ago

Lol... heres me saying "An MGL-32, whats that?" So, i typed it in on Google Images and while waiting for the result thought "That sounds like a grenade launcher ... maybe i should ask if anyone wants to make one." Then, i find out that it is one. Keep working , cos if you dont, someone else will really quickly - Go on.