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should i sell my ipod Answered

hey I was just wondering if I should sell my 20 gig 4th generation ipod(super ghetto) for the Samsung Yp-K5. Your opinion would help me alot. thanks


i have an ipod touch 4th gen with cracked screen and was wanting to sell it , get back to me asap please

You can buy nice iPods at www.cityelectronicsonline.com or sell an ipod at www.cashforyouripod.com. Just a heads up. They have used or refurbished iPods at awesome deals.

i have a 30 GB iPod video i tried something like the instructable YAN9VUSBC and it just screwed up my ipod battery, now it only charges up to halfway my friend sold it to me (perfect condition and all) for only 4 bucks lol cause his uncle works for apple or something and YAN9VUSB or some USB charger on here screwed it up, so im selling it for the 30GB (i think) halo 3 edition Zune :D


10 years ago

i have the k5 its ****in amazin its the best mp3 in the world the speakers are loud as ****

I am now going to get the YP-P2 by samsung

i was thinking of the 4 gig samsung YP-p2(it is like the Itouch)

they sound like when you plug in your earphones and turn the music loud, but do not put the earphones in your ears

I've honestly never heard them, but pack-in speakers are typically garbage. It's a piece that's likely to underwhelm, will possibly break, and serves to make the whole thing a lot bulkier when you want to just walk about with a pair of headphones.

I might get the one without the speakers. what kind of Mp3 do u have?

I have an 8 gig 2G nano. I got it so that I could use the Nike+ kit for running. It's worked great. I also have a 1 gig 1G shuffle that I use mostly as a flash drive now. I ordered that 30 gig zune because it's so damn cheap and for that price i can sell it for about the same if I don't like it.

what is soo great about the zune...it seems really big and bulky to me.

The new Zunes are great! New firmware, new Zune software that isn't the same as WMP. WiFi, FM radio. The 60G Zunes are way better than the iPod Classics.

Yeah, big screen. If you go with last-gen instead, the price is unbeatable. My next MP3 player will probably be a Zune 60G.

"Flash memory installed: 512 GB" heck of a typo. wonder how many people will buy it thinking it really has 512 GB of storage.

Yea I know. I just added it in because it looks cool.

i figured that, i just happened to notice that and figured i would comment on it.

Big screen, 30 gigs of storage, cheap price. Don't know if I'll hold onto it that long, but I wanted to give it a shot.

Most small speakers are. Have you ever listened to music on a cell phone? You get higher quality speakers in a Hallmark musical card. To get enough sound to hear the music, those speakers will be overclocked. All you will hear is the polyphonic stereo version of white noise.

He is right. The speakers are worthless, and they double the thickness of an already hefty player. The best choice now would be > 0-10G memory - iPod Nano > 10+G memory - Microsoft Zune

ohhhhh about getting a zune...I think there pretty cool I want the halo 3 one

does anyone have one of the new 4GB ipods?