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simple circuit? momentary switch, LED on and off... Answered

UPDATE: I would like to do something using the an Arduino...

this would be my first attempt at a setup using an Arduino....overkill...? prob...but I want to do it...


ok i would like to build a circuit/system that allows mt to have a momentary button switch (doorbell) in one location and it , when pushed, turns and led on a panel that has another momentary push button that can be pushed and turn the led off...it will be used for an auto shop in each bay...the individual bay has a button, when the need a supervisor to come look at something, it is pressed, a custom panel have 8 led's and 8corresponding buttons that the led lights up letting the supervisor knows the tech needs help, the supervisor can then press the button on their end to turn it off...also the tech can push the button again and the led would go off if the supervisor was no longer needed.,etc.?


https://www.instructables.com/id/DIY-Latching-Relay-System/ check out my instructable.. its really easy no semiconductors involved

Re-Design's method is the simplest way of doing this, but if you want it button rather than switch operated the answer is identical to the 'wire loop game' question I recently answered. 
A latching relay circuit (scroll down) would allow the light to be lit with one button and cancelled with another.
The relays, lights and reset switches would be at the supervisor end with two wires (or one wire for each switch and a common) to the 'call' switches in the tech bays.

The easy, simple and economical way is to use a pair of 3 way switches. One at the station and one at the sup. office.

Look at this diagram.

I would add a light at the office AND the station so that both parties know if the light is on or off and if the super is "touring" he can see if anyone's light is on.

Add an appropriate power supply and some wire and you're off and running.

There are more complicated and expensive ways using transistors or relays but this would work just fine.


7 years ago

That's like a "nurse call system" see what you can find.