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simple explanation about ripping and burning a movie? Answered

have mac 10.5.8 . paid 51$ to DVD cloner for mac. these people can't offer a clear explanation of how to use their product. Neither does Mac. just look above for the question. I don't know if... do I have to use their copier to put the movie on a hard disk? they don't say. All i know is that each attempt to explain their product gets more garbled. this all has to be coming from India!

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astroboy907 (author)2012-10-06

Handbrake will rip the disc insanely well, but it cannot burn discs. I prefer using RipIt, which has 15 free trial discs and rips them as ISO (basically just a virtual DVD). Then you need to get a program to burn it to a disc.

I dont know what software you bought, but it seems that the people dont have any customer service, it might be a scam (just sayin).

Basically, with any DVD software, you need to rip the disc to your hard drive (this usually removes copy protection, etc).

If you want to get it back onto a DVD, you should rip it as an ISO file. The file will be large (4.7GB) but it contains DVD menu titles/extras.

From there, there should be an option in your cloning file to burn a DVD. It *should* accept ISO files as standard. From there, it will burn a DVD if you have a DVD drive that is capable of burning discs (most modern drives are).

Of course, software is different and I dont know what you got. It could be a bit different for you, but thats generally what happens.

Also, please don't be a pirate. Ripping is only legal for keeping a protective copy for YOURSELF only. Don't sell copied films. Its just bad for everyone in the long run.

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frollard (author)2012-10-03

Legal issues aside,

You need to get the data off the disk, remove the encryption (copy protection) then put it back on a disc. There are lots of free software utilities to do this, and lots of paid options. On mac I'm not totally familiar but I recall http://handbrake.fr/ being a good tool. There is lots of help and support on their webpage.

has lots of top level options that seem to explain it quite well.

What EXACTLY are you doing that doesn't work?

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bwrussell (author)2012-10-03

Try searching "DVD Cloner tutorial" on google. I'm guessing that it rips the data on the disk as an image file, usually .iso. From their you can burn it onto a second DVD or just run it from the hard drive by mounting it with a virtual DVD drive using a program like MagicISO. Be aware that some movie DVDs are dual layer which require special dual layer disks and a special DVD drive to burn, and are much more expensive.

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jrh065 (author)2012-10-03

Try live chatting with them through their website.

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