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simple power supply Answered

I have a project that needs a 24VDC input, at only about 300 mA. I don't have any 24V power supplies, wall warts or anything else lying around, but what I do have is a 120 in, 24 out transformer, a bridge rectifier, and a large cap. Is there any reason why I shouldn't just use those? I'll put a fuse on it. I have some 317 voltage regulators but they dissipate too much to provide the full 24V. 317s are short-protected and the like, which obviously my little kludge wouldn't be, but beyond that, is it a bad idea? thanks,


that shouldn't kill you, electricity can't go thru skin unless it's over 24v you can go look at your local thrift store, they should have a bin filled with adapters and other paraphernalia. Check the working voltage for the bridge rectifier, then the voltage of the cap, the cap should be >30v. wierd things happen when i try to rectify AC the voltage somehow gets aplified, if put in 13v, get 14 out....