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skating birds!?!?! Answered

My bird has been ripping off some major air and I got some pics of them in action.

1. big air

2.dropping in

3.180* FS grab

4 spine killer.


my bulldog knows how to skateboard. to bad he can only go forward and jump ramps :(


7 years ago

maybe explain the camera tricks? this is pure awesomeness.

Infact if you look at the firs picture. under the right side of the skate board you can see some string that wasn't cut off that made the knot. I didn't actually edit anything in the1st picture if you look close enough you can see both strings.

The high ambiance background makes it more difficult so see.

I had 2 thin strings on the front and back of the skateboard taped up to the ceiling, then before i uploaded them edited out where you were able to see the strings.

Aww that's so adorable. My budgies skateboard too but I don't have any ramp like thingy. :/

Oh wow! That is amazingly awesome! :D

hate to break it to you but it was just a slick trick photography day. haha

i have the weird board ramps that you have

cool they're kinda cruddy tho you have to tape them to the table to use them.

this definitely requires video.

that last pick almost looks like he/she/it is grinding on the back of the chair in the background

Heh, cute!  Just like those evil skateboarding bulldogs.

What The!!!!!!!!!!!! XD

Sweet! But you really need a video.

Neat pictures, but this is nothing without a video...? L

No animal wrights activists will get mad if they see how hard I have to push them to get that much air XD.

Oh come on now, surely this is animal empowerment? Think of the keyboard-cat, video please?