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slideshow pause button Answered

there used to be a pause button on slideshows (I always thought the images went too fast), after looking at a few recent projects published using slideshows the pause button seems to be gone.

Is there something up, or was it removed on purpose?

windows 7, firefox 3.6.8


I had this problem, have you tried resetting the zoom on your browser? "Ctrl + 0" fixed it for me.

solved! I also learned a new FF command to reset the zoom, thanks!

You're welcome. (it annoys me that you can't reply to featured comments... he he)

It's still there...

...I promise!

Hey, Matt. See Jayefuu's solution above -- this sounds like a bug, or at least a coding design flaw, in how the slideshow controls are handled. They should be positioned relative to the surrounding object, not in absolute coordinates, so that zooming will treat them consistently.


7 years ago

Nope, I am still seeing it. FF 3.6.6