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sliding bulletin board... need help Answered

Any idea on how I can make a track to attach to a wall to have a cork board that is able to be slid up and down over a dry erase board. It would need to "lock" in order to keep it in place when slid up but then easily able to be unlocked to slide down when access to it is needed. I imagine the tracks would be something like the ones that slide drawers on Ikea desks etc...

sort of like this but perhaps vertically.

Horizontal ideas would help as well as a second option



I was about to suggest what kelseymh did. One additional thought, though: if it;s a bulletin board then depending how much you put on it the counterweights might not be heavy enough. Either make sure there is enough friction in the system so it doesn't matter, or if you can, make the whiteboard move instead - it's weight is probably less likely to change.

I am having the same idea for this project. Did you have any luck? Can you please share step by step on what you did?

For vertical sliding, what you really want is a window sash. The sliding part of an old-style window has a counterweight on a string inside the window frame. That's how it stays fixed in position no matter where you raise it. A Google search should get you the engineering details.