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slow connection and page changing Answered

For the past 2 weeks or so instructables has been very slow to open initially or to open new pages within the site. I have a highspeed connection and a fairly new computer which have no problem with other sites or pages and didn't have any difficulties with this site until I also started having to log in each time I opened the site. I use internet explorer, google chrome and mozilla firefox as browsers with the same results (sign in and slow speed) I have even tried my daughters brand new computer with a different isp and a friends ipad with the same results...did someone try to fix something that wasn't broken again ?


This has basically made the site un-usable onb ie8. I must admit I spend a lot of time on this site (probably too much), but every time I click a link, every page, even this one is slow to load, it seems like 90% of the page loads fine, but something to load last halts the page for up to 20seconds per page. I have tested this at work, home, wifes laptop, friends pc, all the same. All tests done with IE8. I just tested firefox, that works great.

(ie8 on winxp)

IE8 is still running painfully slow.

I have the same problem using WinXP and IE8. I have disabled addins and played with various settings, to no avail. Firefox works fine, but use IE8 due to other costraints. Instructibles is the only site affected. Please help. Waiting 30-40 seconds for each page load has made the site unusable.

I'm having the same issue with both my work and home PC's. At work, we are limited to using IE, but at home, I use Chrome. Both places take a long time to load, which is a shame, since this is one of my favorite sites to explore!

Please fix it soon, I love surfing this site, and the ideas that are inspired.

There is an issue with the site loading slow. In order to make the page work better with IE, we added some script, which is apparently causing some issues. For every computer I've tried it on, the slow issues are contained to IE. Firefox, Chrome and Safari all work fine. If you're having issues with anything not IE related, then there's a different issue on your machine. Please let me know the details of your machine, because it's the only one having these issues.

We're working on a fix, and it should be pushed with the next update.

Hi, I'm using firefox and the described problem happened to me, too. I usually get the "instructables is experiencing technical problems" site shown in the picture and sometimes a timeout. Last week on friday the site wasn't working for several hours, this usually happens when you guys are asleep, maybe it's due to some backups.


I may be wrong, but the problem seems to coincide with the last major update.

You're not the only person having the problem - what software are you using?

The problems happen on different computers/internet devices, both of my home pc's run windows7 but I tried a backup running xp with the same results. My daughters laptop as well as her husbands use windows 7, Im not sure what the ipad2 or the droid cellphone use. With so many different machines having the same problem I've pretty much eliminated any additional software being the problem. Change for change sake often causes problems were there wasn't one.

I had that problem (and others) with Firefox. I did some research and then decided to uninstall ALL ADDONS. This dramatically improved speed.

If I were having problems with other sites, I would consider that kind of fix but it's only instructables