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small motor voltage help Answered

ok i bought this 18,000 rpm motor at radioshack and i want to put it in my airsoft gun (replacing the old one) hoping it would be much faster. But i have have it 6 volts and it is slower then my old motor then i tried hooking a nine-volt to it and it does nothing. I looked on the box and it says 1.93A. what voltage is tht???


yes tht is the motor...and do you mean 10 c batteries like the big ones?! 10 of them?! o and what voltage are they.

Not trying to insult you, but if you don't know that a C cell battery puts out 1.5 volts, or that 1.93A has nothing to do with volts, you have no business replacing motors without reading up on the subject or getting some help. And C cells are the almost big ones.

Good Lord, that thing draws 1.93A? Yoikes!

That's not a voltage, it's a current rating, and there is no way a 9 volt battery could supply that. Try hooking it to 10 c cells in series.