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small scale model boxes? Answered

I'm working on a diorama that has my local model shop in it, so i figured that, even though the windows are tinted, i can at least put some models and stuff laying around... so i could make paper model boxes. i have the dimensions, but i have two problems. 1) i don't know how to transfer my calculations (1cm x0.7cm x0.4cm) to the computer, and 2) i dont know how to make the model boxes 1/24 smaller without losing virtually al the detail... obviously im not looking for something perfect, but i also dont want the box top to be some random coloured pixels. can someone help with this? i could draw them, but i was hoping to offer these to other people, by making an instructable.


You can scale down images in most editors, it will usually have the option to reduce the image down to the given size in CM, Pixels or some other unit. This can be done in MS paint if you can find the number of pixels per CM.

As for quality, go through all the menus of the editor, setting image quality, resolution and DPI as high as possible before scaling it down, then go into the settings for the printer and set the quality as high as possible.

Hope this helps.

thanks, but the other thing i wanted to know was how i could make them specific lengths, in centimeters. so, how long is one centimeter in ms paint/

oh, btw, those calculations are for a !/24 scale model, that is scaled down to 1/24.

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