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smoke greandes Answered

ok i was thinking of makeing a smoke greande with a toilet paper role and ppotassium nitrate with sugar
and i was like wat the hell is potassium nitrate and i looked it up and i found out its basicaly dried up piss mixed with sugar
(if im rong blamb wikapidia)
also i was wondering what would be a good other ingreadient in this to make it more smoke but not for it to creat a pulpution thing like maby smoke coming form both sides because i was watching thes video heres the link


roll 1-16 matches (1 for a sideyard 4-house 8-backyard 16-2 backyards) in aluminum foil,use a mini torch to melt foil,light match

well if you want a good airsoft smoke grenade i have a few steps for you.
you'll need:
an empty can, (any size will do, and DONT throw the top away) aluminum foil, Kno3, sugar, a drill, superglue, duct tape, masking tape, a fuse, and some "strike anywhere" matches
step 1) drill holes in the side of the can in this pattern every inch:
o o
step 2) using the super glue, glue the foil around the out side of the can. take your fuse and match and tape them together with the masking tape and slide them through one of the holes to were the head is still sticking out of the hole
l (out side of can)
======o match and fuse
inside l
step 3) cook your 60/40 of kno3 and sugar till it's like peanut butter and spoon it into the can. then aply super glue to the can top and stick it back on, secure with duct tape, let it harden, then remove the foil around the can.

just use a little square of the side of a box of matches to light the match and throw

Hmm, haven't heard anyone refer to ole "Salt Peter" in a long while. When I was a wee boy in my teens, long ago, it was sold mainly for pickling. And maybe it still is in the back communities like Amish stores, etc. Potassium Nitrate could be used to make black (gun)powder, but it is rather a crude, hot (and sometimes very slow) burning, substance. Still, I have seen a half a cup of it send fire upwards to nearly half the length of a telephone pole (and the heat generated melted/burned a basketball sized hole in the macadam road. Be forewarned.

its not soposed burn fast cuz its a a smoke greande im jost gonna either us salt peter as a powder and mix it with sugar and make smoke or somehow i heard u can mix them together and melt them and burn it but i realy dont want to carry around a lighter in a airsoft battle do you know any other way of makeing smoke not involving fire maby chemical reaction but not dangerous chemicals

Paraffin smokes like the dickens too, if you can keep if from igniting.


10 years ago

The wikipedia article has problems, but if you read it carefully you'd have noticed that there's a bit more to it than "dried up." wp says "sour", which is typically a rather lengthy phase of bacterial decomposition of the urea in urine to nitrates. There's an amusing story of one pyro who made some by the old natural process at a ren-faire one year...

cool but i cant w8 1 year lol well i was close 75% lol im probiby gonna try to make a smoke greande still