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sneaking about in your mum's wardrobe reveals glorious birthday gifts Answered

Ok we've all done it. It's my birthday next month, but I just got my funding so I was online buying my robot bits and pieces. Though this is a virtual closet, I use my mums ebay because of ease and pay her back etc.....
on the list of bought items were my birthday presents....
I'm an only child, small family etc etc,......
I was like good god!
Now this may sound like crap to some people, I told my mum I knew, but I can't see them till my birthday which is awesome its like not knowing :)

A boxed sega saturn with everything and games!
A Super Galaxy II Game Vintage Console
A Worlds of Wonder - Action Max Console

And I am being taken out on my birthday to retro world AWESOME
plus I brought some top of the range robotics I will post asap! HAPPY FALL ONE AND ALL


Does the sega saturn have the game Bug? it is the best game!

I don't know but I will find out, personally I love the game exhume so I shall be purchasing that lmao

Some of the stuff arrived to day I just glanced cus i can't look apparently lol, But my god, everything looks brand new and one console hs its games on VHS....I was like wuhhhahhhha

lol yes there is no help for us only today I bumped into a friend of mins inside...yes,,,, the british version of radio shack....maplin lol

May hope she never wonders about what instructables is...

lol, she knows, cus I tell her, She gets me suprises to, we make a big deal of birthdays christmas halloween etc, I usually ask for my gifts but she did well this year. Anyway how can she not know what instructables is when the whole house is rigged with instructables content lol,

Someone sounds like an instructoholic to me.

Welcome to the club, there is no help group, because no one can help you.