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snuggle mattress topper Answered

I love this mattress concept http://dornob.com/modular-love-mattress-made-flexible-for-cuddly-couples/
Creating a whole mattress seems pretty ambitious, however a mattress topper of a similar concept  seems like an affordable simple way to emulate the concept. when i started looking into materials I was really astonished by the foam thing. there are lots of different kinds all in different density and thickness. What type of foam would be suitable for a project like this?


Yeah, I'm really clueless. I had no idea there was so much variety on foam. I would think tempurpdic since it's made for beds. I have no idea if it's going to be comfy once it's in strips or what cutting it would be like. I made a mascot head with a friend once, but she purchased the foam and I don't know what type it was or anything. I know we did it all the bulk work with an electric turkey carving knife and the tiny work with a razor blade.

I don't konw why, but that strikes me as looking uncomfortable. In any case, I am not sure your "normally available" soft foam will work in this case, do you?