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so what's everyone riding here? Answered

I think I have close to eleven bikes in my garage right now (sort of unfortunately), though I only really ride three. for road/ commuting, I have a pacific voyager toys-r-us mountain bike that I converted into sort of a timetrialing singlespeed, complete with a shimano 400 crankset, profile aerobars, champion bullhorns, a look carbon fork, alex 700cs with hutchinson tires, and lots of other ridiculous things that don't belong on such a frame. I ride a diamondback venom park bike for bmx which I found at a garage sale for five bucks, not knowing just how good it actually was and my gary fisher bitter has been decommissioned due to a faulty front hub which blew out my axle and almost ruined my fork, so I'm slinging around a specialized rockhopper on the trails whose back wheel I destroyed and as a result, I've replaced it with a wheel off a peice of crap magna my friend left at my house a while back. I've got several others, but these are my ladies. they come and go quite often for me, but that's what happens. so what are you riding?!


A Sears Roebuck Free spirit 10 speed in excellent condition.

When I was a wee striper, oh about 26 years ago, I had an old half broken down English Touring bike (a sturdy heavy thing, made of reinforced steel, and not aluminum like the wimpy ones today). Because I got it 3rd hand, it was a little rusty, the brakes needed work, and the 3 speed gear changer was messed up (and the cable was broken). I worked on the brakes as the most important thing, and never fixed the "stuck in third gear" condition.....I just learned to adapt (built up my legs, for sure). I rode some fairly long distances with that bike......


8 years ago

I ride this bike!


 a raider 21 speed
with a computer mounted on handles

I ride a custom BMX and a 18 speed decarlo MTB

im a dirty unemployed dirt poor musician and i love bikes so i put this amazin bike together on the SUPERCHEAP 80's bianchi roadracer(free) turned fixie, canned satin green(6$), bianchi pista wheelset(free!) shimano 600 race cranks(5$) Rocket 46t chainring (30$) surly 18t cog(10$) some nice tires (free) shimano headset (free) syncros hinged track stem(free) all this nice free stuff? its mostly from bike shop dumpsters, and biker friends. $51 for a bike that would sell for around 600$. thats a sexy deal


9 years ago

some sort of schwin mountain bike. not sure what kind, how old or what speed. but it was cheap. someone abandoned it in my front yard and i decided to fix it up enough to ride point a to point b. needs ne treads and tubes.

lol, schiwins are considered TRASH by my local bikeshop owner...

That's the best kind. At least you know you're getting your money's worth!

Yeah, $15 for a new tyre and inner tube. Plus about $7 for a can of paint(pink wasn't my colour).

I painted it khaki green and black, with chrome hilights, I'll put up some pics when i find my camera

The older Schwinns were quite good. I think a lot of the new ones are made in CHina.

yeah, but he said they're out of date, and not good anymore... btw, i hope that wasn't an insult...............

Out of date is relative. The longer I live, the more I find that "new and improved", just means "shiny and more expensive".

More shiny and relatively less useful... My phone has a driving game that you play by leaning the phone side to side, I can upload songs by the moods happy, sad, fast, slow... First of all since when was fast considered a mood by anyone other than crackheads and speedfreaks and second of all if I'm in a mood of some kind of music I'll go find the song I want to listen to. It's credentials as a phone are good though the fact that it's all futuristic and shiny on the front and when you open it the number keys look like rotodial buttons implores me to wonder if the are reasons the designers added the moods fast and slow...

A cheap shockless mountain bike, and an old schiwin road bike in good condition.

'73 Harley 1000.....Oh, You meant bicycles?!!


9 years ago

1996 Diamondback Viper. White. :D

a red and silver, something.... i found it behind fred meyer a few years ago.

mountain bike plus I drink vault and mountain dew

mountain dew!!! I drank one today (lol, don't I always?)

yeah, i have a skateboard, but I'm not good, and my city is not urban enough to do tricks...

my city
You actually own a city?!?

What is your city called?

no, I live in the city, but the city has not enough obstacles

Yeah, and cars are just too dangerous as obstacles :-)

Well my main bike is a GT Avalanche 2.0 with judy II forks. y next project is a 1980 Schwinn I got off of my friends uncle for three dollars. If everything goes the way I want it to I may get it done today.

i have a black market mob, transition bottlerocket, fit flow park, and a giant cadex road bike

I want to buy an electric bike to get a job, but it's a tad expensive. Range: 20 miles Speed:17 Mph Price: $400( $100 dollars to ship) Not bad for this kind of bike

just got a new mongoose. ha haa. but I promise it's nothing you'd find at a department store. 7.5 inch downhill bike- black diamond single. surprisingly, I like the fork on it a lot.

I'm actually looking to buy one. Hopefully tomorrow. The one I'm looking at seems pretty decent - it's a Schwinn Ranger. (I think it's actually a girl's bike... which is a little weird but I suppose I am pretty small. The bigger sizes didn't work so well for me.) I figure I don't need anything fancy at first, just a bike to see if I can stick with it. I figure biking will be much better on my body instead of running, anyway. :P

My son says the forums are the place to be on Instructables so I thought I'd come comment here. I ride a Cannondale Super V. It's old and discontinued but it still rides very well.