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soft circuit- using conductive clay Answered

Hi guys

I saw an article on instructables awhile ago about creating conductive/ none conductive clad using simple chemical mix with rice flours, and i think they also post a video on using those clay making a simple toys wired motor and sensors. I was really excited by but the article but forgot to bookmark the page.

Can someone point me to the url on this topic?

Thanks in advance.



3 years ago

I wouldn't use the playdough mixture if it needs to retain conductivity. Once it dries out, it's not going to be a very good conductor, since it's relying on the salt water in the dough to conduct electricity. Also, once that stuff dries it could be a problem (depending on the metal surfaces in contact with the salt, and whether you want them to retain flexibility).

Use silly putty filled with metal powder. Elmer's Glue mixed with dish soap, Elmer's glue mixed with laundry detergent (sodium carbonate), Elmer's glue mixed with starch (you could use potato starch...)... Elmer's Glue and borax. All of them have slightly different characteristics, so you'd need experiment to figure out what traits you want, and you might even be able to use a mixture of the different types to get the consistency you want.

The elmer's glue mix can still dry out, but it'd retain it's flexibility for a prolonged period of time, and even once it looses that, it'd still conduct.

actually, at my club we found that the soft clay we buy for crafting projects is conductive before it dries. It ruined a lot of the embedded LED circuits we put in it! Now I'm using that same conductive clay instructables to make Non-conductive clay.

did you make anything cool? =) post pictures!

The nearest I can find is conductive glue.  Is that what you were thinking of?

I found the page using google, its called SquishyCircuits. not soft circuits, my bad.
Here is the url


Cool. If you make something, don't forget to take plenty of photos and post an Instructable!

Thanks Kiteman, but thats not what I am looking for. It was more like an article then a instructable, that's why I can't not find it again.

It was some kind of University research project, may be it was an external page link from one the instructable article?