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solar and wind controllers charging the same battery bank? Answered

1. can this setup work? 
2. if yes... will the wind controller see the high charging volts from the mppt controller and diverts the load even though the battery is not full
3. can i add some switch to let one charge while the other is off
4 get a controller that can dual charge

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hitek (author)George GabrielB2015-09-13

don't know, i didn't try it

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sue.simmons.14418 (author)2014-10-24

Did this work I want to do the same thing

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petercd (author)2014-08-16

I have no practical experience with such a setup, but I have found that with the batteries in the system there wont be a high voltage seen by either controller because the batteries pull the charging voltage down. When the voltage goes high enough for the controllers to shunt, its usually because the batt bank is fully charged.

I spose you could wire in a change over relay for peace of mind, inline with the solar panel to activate itself during daylight hours only.

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