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solar battery amp hours and panel which one ? Answered

Hello, I am working on a project that is solar powered. I am not sure what kind of solar battery i should get and equivalent  solar panel to charge it.. and regulator ---
The parameters are: The 'show' will take place every hour for eight hours during daylight hours.. Each hour every 10 mins the system will switch ON and power will be needed to operate 25 automatic car antennas that draw about 0.8amps for about 1 minute show time. So every hour I will be drawing 25*0.8*6 = 120  ? -- I am new to this so i figure my calculations are wrong as 120amps seems a lot --
the system will also be powering an Arduino board which will be controlling the overall timing and puppetering of the work ie some coil relays or transistors for lower power consumption.
this project will be installed in Germany in the summer with average sunlight conditions .. From my reading up on the subject I understand that it is not good to drain a battery, ideally half drain is max...could someone please advise what values i need for battery and solar panel.. thanks in advance .. Cc



6 years ago

Hi --yes that was my intention..perhaps it was not clear in above post.. i need to know what size battery in Ah to get and Solar Panel to charge it.. I will be using the batteries to run my antennes and at the same time I would need to charge the batteries via the solar panel .. so I would like to know what goes with what .. seems to be difficult to get any two answers that are the same .. :o) -- thanks for your calculation ... how did you arrive at 20A ? .. is that for 25 antennas working for 6 mins every hour ?

I would use solar cells to charge a lead-acid battery, then run your antennae from the battery, rather than relying on the cells directly.

(BTW, I calculate 20A to run the antennae, not 120A.)