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solar panel inside the house Answered


i was watching http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SBWi3NtND68   ( using a bottle filled with water to reflect light inside the house )

may be someone can can use mirrors or magnifier to run a solar panel inside the house and do more than just light .
( heating water , spread lights to other rooms ,cool the house , etc ... )



Far easier to install the solar cells outside, and run the wires inside.

Bottle lights do not make light, they simply exploit refraction to direct more in through the hole than a plain sheet of glass.

They are roughly equivalent, on a bright day, of a 40-60W filament bulb, which is far too dim for efficient solar cell operation.

how about using multiple bottles/mirrors , lens and using it for heating water etc..
this is meant for undeveloped places.

Again, there's not enough light inside.

The most financially-efficient way to heat water with solar energy is to put the water in a dark container with a high surface area facing the Sun.

Typically, pump the water slowly through a black tube laid out in the Sun.

If you are in the same context as these lights, the best place for the tube is zig-zagging over the corrugated iron roof.