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solution? Answered

Hi everyboody
so the knex evolution seems to have reached its end
however i think i have some ideas, and if everybody understands there will be enough new challenges for these types of guns.
so the idea is:
the bullets will be charged with energy to make them fly, not a ram rod or mechanism or whatsoever, just a piece of ammo with a rubber band on it.
find a way to stack them up. this will make it harder to make a proper magazine but it'll be worth it.
for example a dark grey connector with a rubber band, piled to any size of rod, attach all the rubber band to the top of the magazine and make a mechanism not to put energy in the bullet, but to release them



Mmm. Kun je dit wat beter uitleggen ik snap het nog niet helemaal. Is dit namelijk niet gewoon wat een semi-auto RBG doet? Of zit ik er nu naast?

The only problem is that you need to build something with an opening on one end, openings for the bands that won't get in the way of anything, and have it strong enough to resist all of the bands. Your best bet is a large horizontal magazine of sorts with a trigger that works similar to an RBG cog trigger, release one round but block the others. It'd still be a pain to load, that's the main problem. If you could make it into an actual horizontal magazine so that you could hook all the bands up and pull them all back at once, it'd be a promising design. Still, a big complicated project, but very doable.

Anywho, K'nex guns are far from being complete. It's just we're not creative enough. There are still plenty of things to make. Though we could probably use a little more skill. Anywho, I might finally get that contest thing going now that everyone is out for summer.

yeah that's exactly what I have in mind. I think it's doable.

And the nice part is that I would be able to combine this concept with my fully automatic slingshot concept to make a pretty effective weapon if it ends up working nicely. I'll probably try integrating the challenge into my contests somehow if you want to give it a shot.