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something that every instructable member should do... Answered

well, I'm saying that what every member should do is create an editable intro/about of themselves to be put as the first comment on their orangeboards. I got the idea from Gorillazmiko because he did this to his orangeboard (with help from ewilhelm)


I could have sworn that's what the about section on yout page is for.

Lol!!!! Let's call him that from now on. But you don't capitalize it lamez.

I've always called him that. Don't worry though, he's coolz with it.

Hehe, Touche.....Nice one....

It's EPIC. Not Epoch. That's something else entirely.

I made a picture, but I can't seem to find it.

It said
You have managed to fail beyond all measurability
Not Epic
Not Epoch
But rather complete and total failure

nobody looks at that unless you had

super big letters

So why would they scroll all the way down to the Orangeboard? Particularly in the case of someone like GorillazMiko or Christy (Canida), each of whom are members of about twenty-nine trillion groups, there is quite a bit of scrolling to do to get to the Orangeboard. Also, many people have lots of comments on their Orangeboards, and a single comment would get lost. There's a reason that the about section is up there.

you could sticky the comments to the top

I think that we should be able to sticky comments on our orangeboards and on our Forum Topics!!!

Now thats a good idea that has been ignored. We always put important stuff in our own orangeboards, that would help, a lot!!!

Haha, I was just about to say it was on my profile.

You can put information about yourself in your profile on the left side of the screen when you click on a user