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spare wrenches? Answered

I once loaned my table saw to someone (a friend) who had a project that they really needed it for. I included the wrenches and a fine tooth blade also. When I got the saw back there were no wrenches. When I went looking for them I discovered the person didn't even know they were part of the saw and they had thrown them out because they looked like some cheap temporary tool. I had to buy a wrench to fit the nit and grind one down so it could fit the tight spot next to the blade. Hang on to the wrenchs, they are difficult to get spares for.

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mikeasaurusBest Answer (author)2017-03-15

Sage advice from a cautionary tale. Thanks for sharing!

I added a steel cable tether to keep my wrenches together and much harder to misplace. When not changing saw blades, they also double as nunchucks!

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