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speed controller ? Answered

you can make a washing machine motor with the module and taco run with a potentiometer switch to give you speed control over the motor I have the planes for a hot point motor but not the motor im using !! does anyone have the no how as to with leads to connect to
contact mrkeithg.rumsey@tesco.net


Actually, I've been wondering something similar. I have an old Sears drillpress with a capacitor-start motor designed to run at a fixed speed; the drill bit's speed is derived from this by choice of belt settings. I've been wondering whether it would make any sense to hook a motor speed controller to this, or if slowing it down would lose too much torque and I'd be better off leaving it alone or getting a new motor which is designed for that kind of application.

Show us your plans.
Show us you motor.

Without that information wouldn't have a clue what you're doing or how to help you.