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spektrum transmiters? Answered

 which transmiter is better for robots DX5E or DX6I OR other 2.4 ghz transmiter from anthor brand


First, I can't find where they are available in land based channels.  If you can find those then I'd pick the 5E.  If you use a air channel for your land based robot and cause someone flying an airplane to crash you are responcible for the damage.

The other one is programable for things that a plane needs like proportional flaps etc.  You don't need that much control, or do you? 

Plus there is a huge difference in the price.

 land,air, and marine all use the 2.4 ghz and they you could have lots of them and they would not interfere with one annother thats why i like the brand

That's the frequency they all use.  The allocated freq's are divided into channels like TV.  Some are allowed for marine, some air, and some land based.  You have to stay in the right set of channels if you want to be blameless.