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spinning wires? Answered

i need to run some wires from the axel of my car to my rims, and i need to know how to have it so the wires can spin with the wheels, is there any way to do this?

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AnotherBrian (author)2009-06-08

Slip rings would work well for awhile. The problem would be keeping them clean in that environment unless your car has hollow axles (which I seriously doubt). If you are wanting to transmit some control/sensing signal or a small amount of power to run some LEDs, I suggest inductive coupling.

Many bikes have speed sensors that use a little magnet on one of the wheel and a tiny coil of wire on the frame. The magnet passing by the coil generates a bit of current and that is what the sensing devices measures/counts.

If you would like to power a light on the wheel, you should mount a coil inside the wheel and connect it through a bridge rectifier to a large capacitor. Then use a small voltage regulator to give you clean power to a light. You could put a megnet on the frame of the car so the coil would pass by it, but I would suggest another coil. This way you could control the lights by varying the current in the fixed coil.

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Dr.Bill (author)2009-05-08