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still on LM741 Answered

the point is i have the IC, and i have a board on which i can mount it.the question is which pin do i connect to what resistor and to what pin


Websearch "LM741 spec sheet" for information about what pin does what and probably some pointers to sample applications.


pin 1, no connect
pin 2 inv input
pin 3 non-inv input
pin 4 negative supply (and by negative, I MEAN negative)
pin 5 no connect
pin 6 output
pin 7 positive supply
pin 8 no connect

for a simple inverting buffer connect a 1 k resistor between pins 2 & 6, connect a 1 k resistor between pin 2 and your source, connect pin 3 to com, and supply with +-10 - +- 15VDC.

you need a) the data sheet so you know what pin is what and b) by the looks of it a better understanding of what the LM741 can do and is. This is easy to find on line for such a common IC - As Steve says what are you trying to do?

What are you trying to make !