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stink bug problem [answered]

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how can i get rid of stink bugs? is there a trap i can make to trap those ugly smelly stink bugs?

don't want to crush cause they will stink up and they just find there way back in if i flick them outside.

can anyone help me????

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furrrball (author)2010-05-11

The only lure for a stink bug is vegetation so they will be attracted to any houseplants. A vacuum cleaner wand is the only way I know of catching them without using your hands, but every time the vacuum is run you will smell the bugs. Two things I've done that have helped:  1) Use packing tape around the inside of my windows, particularl;y where the screen & storm window meet, and wherever I can see light getting through because this is mainly how they get in;   2) create a stink bug container by cutting an X in the lid of a coffee can and adding 1" of water. Pick up the bugs with a tissue and put them in the can. They can't get out. 

-max- (author)furrrball2010-05-27

kole (cool)!!!  thanks you!!!  

-max- (author)-max-2010-06-23

any actual TRAP you know of though?

-max- (author)2011-06-14

i already made a trap

caarntedd (author)2010-05-04

I use a pesticide from the garden shop, and spray directly onto the bugs. They squirt a bit of stink juice as they die, but once the population is knocked down they don't seem to come back.
My orange tree is outside though, and the bugs squirt a citrus smell (from the orange tree) which isn't too bad. Don't get it in your eyes .

I have used normal household fly spray when I've run out of pesticide, and it works fine too.

-max- (author)caarntedd2010-05-04

thanks, but unfortunately the stink bugs are INSIDE.   and i don't think my father would let my spay the inside of my house with it.

and i dont wanna stink up the house with stink bug juice and OFF spray!!!

any other solution, like a trap? will the cup with vinegar or a light in it and a funnel on top of it work?

caarntedd (author)-max-2010-05-04

There seems to be quite a bit of info on google (I typed "how to trap stink bugs") I can't vouch for any of these methods though.
Good luck.