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stitch witchery on corduroy? Answered

I don't have a sewing machine, but would like to make something simple with corduroy fabric. just wondering if stitch witchery would work on the corduroy, as I have plenty of it :)


I have used Stitch Witchery and corduroy to make decorative medieval-ish banners for a show before. It worked just fine. I used one big piece of corduroy as the main shape/background color, and then stuck smaller cutout pieces on applique-style to make the design.
Since each applied piece only had to support its own weight and the SW was not used to make any structural seams, I had no problems at all.


8 years ago

i'm not sure that it would work on the fuzzy side but i don't see why it wouldn't on the back.  i wouldn't use it for anything that you need a strong hold on. you could also buy that fabric glue that billy mays marketed i've never tried it but i'm sure it works, or you could sew by hand