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stock dc motor with 3 switches that spins, stop/lock in place or stay neutral? Answered

I'm trying to build a motorized yarn spooler. The motor is controlled by 3 switches, one to spin it, one to stop or lock it in place and a neutral switch, so the spool can turn freely if it need be. Is there a motor that can be operated that way? Thank you. 



A simple on/off switch will let it spin or stay in "neutral". Put a lever on to insert a pin into or press a rubber brake onto the shaft to lock it.

A stepper motor would be perfect for this.  You can run it at any speed up to its max, in any direction so you won't need gearing.  You can make it hold or lock in any position. and when turned off it will turn free with just a bit of drag from the magnets.

Lots of them are available surplus or just "borrow" one from an old printer, scanner etc.

Controller kits are available for $30 or less that will allow you to do just exactly what you want.

Yes, you need a motor fitted with  an EM brake. What kind of power do you need ? 

It would be better to use a 3 position toggle or slide switch than three individual switches as otherwise you would have to account for all 6 possible positions of the switches.  A 3 position switch would give you WIND - FREE RUN - LOCK.

That said, locking the motor is the difficult part.  Connecting the leads of the motor together would slow it down rapidly and increase the resistance to turning when stopped, but not lock it completely.
If it needs a hard lock, you would have to use the third position to energise a solenoid to push a pressure pad against the spool holder.

If you only need to run the motor in short bursts, you could use a 3 position toggle with a momentary action one side so the motor only runs when the switch is held in that position.

No, sadly there is no DC motor that you can do all three things.


8 years ago

 the only thing i can think of is a continuously rotating servo