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suggestion for a cheap ip web camera? Answered

i've searched a lot in google for a cheap camera that transmits through wifi ( ip web camera )
i need it for my project, so any suggestions i'll be thankful :)
kind regards


Where in the world are you?

What exactly do you want

For the most part anyone here will just Google like you can.

Hey man!
well i'm from Kurdistan region of Iraq :D

man i'll be making an independence software for the cam to fetch the camera's data, then i'll be using it in a wifi rc car which also will run in the same software

yea i Googled , but i didnt find a proper one, i think i should be buying this


Depends what you want it for. If for live viewing/processing of the image, then cheaper motion jpeg cameras are great - they use more bandwidth but are faster. The more expensive, higher quality cameras use H.264 encoding and are much higher fidelity, but there is a noticable lag between input and output on many as the camera chip has to do more math to compress the file.

i just need a simple one, and smaller it is, better it would be
i'll just mount that camera to my project so i want that type of cam cause i'll be trying to create a software for it, the software will be working for the whole project
and i think jpeg cam will do just right 20 - 30 fps is enough for me cause it would be easier , faster and more reliable while working


see I did it!